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20 July, 03:28

Which is the best example of Newton's First Law of Motion? A small, lightweight ball and a large, heavy ball are dropped off the top of a very tall building. They both strike the ground at the same time. A basketball player shoots the ball from half court. It soars toward the basket until another player taps it making it go in a different direction. It takes you more effort to move a large box across the room than it does to move a small box across the room. You push your little sister on the swings at the park. You push harder and she ends up swinging higher.

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  1. 20 July, 04:51
    I believe the best example of Newton's First Law of motion would be the example or illustration with the basketball player. An object will move in a straight line or a given direction at a constant speed unless or until another force acts upon the object, causing a change in speed and or direction.
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