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23 July, 13:10

A large beaker of water is placed on a scale, and the scale reads 40 N. A block of wood with a weight of 10 N is then placed in the beaker. It floats with exactly half of its volume submerged. Assuming that none of the water spilled out of the beaker when the block was added, what does the scale read now? a. 40 Nb. 45 Nc. 50 Nd. None of the above.

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  1. 23 July, 13:18
    option C


    The correct answer will be option C

    When the wood of weight 10 N is inserted in the beaker the weight measured by the scale will also increase by 10 N.

    Weight of the beaker 40 N and the weight of the block is 10 N scale will read 40 + 10 = 50 N.

    All the other phenomenon such as buoyancy acting on the block, the block is immersed, or block is floating are the internal property of the system.

    These things will not change the reading of the scale.
  2. 23 July, 14:24
    Answer:50 N



    Initially scale reads 40 N

    a block of wood with weight 10 N is placed in beaker

    Now the scale will read 50 N as it has bear the weight of both water and wood because no water is spilled out of beaker and wood is also present.

    Total reading on scale = 40+10 = 50 N

    Although effective weight of wood be less as buoyancy is acting on it.
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