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23 December, 02:44

You are given two carts A and B. They look identical and you are told they are made of the same material. You place A at rest at an air track and give B a constant velocity directed to the right so that it collides elastically with A. After the collision cart B moves to the left. What do you conclude?

(A) Cart A is hollow.

(B) The two carts are identical.

(C) Cart B is hollow.

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  1. 23 December, 04:27
    Answer: cart B is hollow



    Cart A is initially at rest and cart B is moving towards right and collide with cart A

    After collision cart B started moving towards left i. e. mass of cart A is very large as compared to cart B.

    Movement of cart B in the direction opposite to initial one Proves that cart B fails to transfer momentum to cart A because cart A is very heavy.

    Thus we can conclude cart B is hollow.
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