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9 June, 18:30

If you place 0◦C ice into 0◦C water in an insulated container, what will the net resultbe? Will there be less ice and more liquid water, or more ice and less liquid water, orwill the amounts stay the same? Explain.

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  1. 9 June, 19:00
    The amounts will stay the same.


    We have a case here. O°C ice into O°C water in an insulated container. The poser here is that what would be the net effect.

    It must be highlighted that the insulated container is parody of a constant room temperature and pressure. Meaning all factors are held constant.

    Also, a O°C ice is simply the same as a O°C water. Hence, viewing the question under this context, and also acknowledging the constant environment, tells us that the two - Ice and Water at such temperature, will remain unchanged. The effect will be neural.

    The underlying factor is that both substances are subjected to same conditions. Hence, the latent kinetic energy and other molecular movements that could occasion will be doing so at same level and frequency. Thus, producing a neutral or almost non different result.
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