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27 January, 05:46

If you kick a ball, you apply an impulse. The impulse is equal to

a. The momentum of the ball.

b. The change in momentum of the ball.

c. The maximum force between your foot and the ball.

d. The momentum of your foot.

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  1. 27 January, 06:27
    The correct answer is b. The change in momentum of the ball.


    When you apply a force on an object with a direction in a period of time, you are changing its amount of movement (momentum).

    We know that force (F) is equal to the mass (m) multiplied by the acceleration (a):

    F = m x a

    If we multiply both members of the equation by the time (t), we obtain:

    F x t = m x a x t

    And we know that a x t = velocity (v), so:

    F x t = m x v

    F x t = impulse

    m x v = momentum

    So, the impulse is equal to the change in momentum of the object.
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