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13 December, 00:51

A representative from the fbi visited marshall's criminology class to talk about new communications technology. when marshall saw that the speaker was a middle-aged woman, he couldn't concentrate on anything she said. he had been expecting the speaker to be young, and he kept thinking to himself, "what could someone her age know about the latest technology

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  1. 13 December, 01:22
    According to your textbook, the aspect of poor listening was Marshall exhibiting is "focusing on personal appearance".

    Many people are poor listeners. Notwithstanding when we think we are listening precisely, we for the most part get a handle on just 50% of what we hear, and we hold even less. We react to individuals in light of individual appearances, how starting presentations or invites were gotten as well as past relational experiences. In the event that we generalization a man we turn out to be less target and along these lines less inclined to listen viably.
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