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5 February, 07:46

Nancy is at a staff meeting. Her manager asks if anyone has an idea for how to pull more customers into the restaurant at lunch time. Nancy starts to make a suggestion and her manager cuts her off mid-sentence, saying: "Oh Nancy, no ... anyone else?" Nancy is feeling angry because her manager was disrespectful and didn't allow her to explain the idea. What should Nancy do to deal with these negative emotions?

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  1. 5 February, 08:03
    Meet with her manager


    The best thing to do is to meet the manager, and explain how she felt after the meeting and that he should explain the reason he did that to her in front of her colleagues, because she felt bad about it. Am sure with approach. The manager should understand better and explain better why he did that. But she should meet him when she see that his mood is lively and maybe at close of businesses.
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