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22 July, 12:05

Kylie loves to watch her older sister playing computer games. she giggles every time the alphabet monster eats a letter. in which type of play (sumaroka & bornstein, 2008) is kylie engaged?

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  1. 22 July, 12:56
    The correct answer is social play.

    In terms of developmental psychology, social play refers to a kind of play children (typically toddlers) engage in, where they play with children of their age or older. Games involved in social play involve pretend play, "tea parties" or playing tag. Social play is a means through which toddlers learn to socialize, develop friendships and form bonds with others.
  2. 22 July, 13:33
    Kylie is engaged in a social play. This is defined as a play by which a children that are in the same age plays and interact. The way they play are being incorporated with their imagination or the play pretend that makes the play considered to be a structured.
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