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30 March, 10:35

Peter Reinhardt, CEO of Segment, made the following comment on his blog when discussing how the firm's noisy open office was lowering the productivity of its engineers: "We can't immediately ditch our open floor plan (although we're looking at various options for our next office.) " Source: Peter Reinhardt, "Improving Our Focus by Measuring Sound Levels," segment , October 19, 2016. Why can't the firm immediately ditch its open floor plan?

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  1. 30 March, 11:39
    The firm can't immediately ditch its open floor plan because they just started trying it. If Segment wants to know if their employees can work at an open office where engineers, salesforce, product, design, support and marketing teams can fit in the same place, they will first have to try.

    The App idea was a way to build a solution to the lowering of the engineer's productivity by first knowing how to display this open office space and how to set their work teams according to their noise measurements.

    The open floor plan office could be the firm's idea to get a place with these characteristics. Thus, it would be expensive to ditch its plan looking for a new office instead of trying a new office setting according to noise measurements to foster a Segment's core value such as focus.

    This business activity has a particular frequency as a service business related to seasons. A low-season closing follows to a zero frequency, therefore, there are no expenses related to a service which the business is not offering.

    Finally, as guests may now check-in online rather than in person, this combines frequency and efficiency in business, thus, the business would not have to pay for a worker on the counter to ask and fill in forms at the hotel check-in process.
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