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2 April, 04:46

How does the impact of globalization benefit developed countries more than developing countries?

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  1. 2 April, 06:19
    Developed countries benefit from globalization because of the speed with which technology and information reaches these countries.


    The first major disadvantage of the process of globalization, in the view of its critics, is the unequal way in which it expands, often benefiting the most economically developed countries and arriving "behind" or "incomplete" in other countries, making them dependent economically.

    Another disadvantage, also related to inequality, lies in the pace and direction of information flows. Some regions, especially those in developed countries, are able to expand their values and information more easily, which is not the case with more peripheral regions. For example, French, American or English cultures are easily recognized all over the world. Other cultures are already marginalized or even ostracized because their places of origin can not transmit them through the means of expanding globalization.
  2. 2 April, 06:39
    Citizens in developed countries have better access to information and communication due to advanced technology.
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