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25 December, 03:49

In 1534, French explorer Jacques Cartier explored the St. Lawrence River and claimed the area for France. This area became part of the colony of New France. What was the main economic activity in New France?

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  1. 25 December, 03:55
    fur trapper and trading post


    they set up a fur trapping business and a trading post.
  2. 25 December, 05:12
    At first, the French fishing boats crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the San Lorenzo River and in this economic activity they established alliances with the communities that lived there. They soon realized the great natural wealth of the region and the presence of beavers. This is how an intense commercial activity began with the skin of these animals that were already almost extinct in Europe. By 1580, there were several French companies established in the territory and ships were chartered for this purpose.
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