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25 August, 23:02

How did feudalism begin to decline with the arrival of towns

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  1. 26 August, 00:25
    The fall happened from the 12th through the 15th centuries in Europe. There have been several reasons for the collapse of the feudal system, which can be listed as three: political reform in England, a horrible illness, and a long string of wars.

    A popular document recognized as Magna Carta, or Great Charter was published as a legal contract that restricted the authority of the king and upheld the privileges of nobles. It took on a much wider significance as feudalism weakened, and led to ideas regarding human rights and freedoms in England. The horrible illness was the "bubonic plague", or "Black Death". In the 1300s the plague spread through Asia and entered Europe in the late 1340s. The horrific disease has murdered millions in Europe over the next two centuries. This has affected people of all kinds and introduced dramatic economic and social variations. France and England contested a series of battles between 1337 and 1453, recognized as the 100 Years War. This dispute modified the manner in which battles were waged and transferred control from feudal lords to monarchs and the ordinary people.
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