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Which of the following is a disadvantage of oral, in-person communication?

A. Live interaction reduces a communicator's control over the message

B. Involves rich nonverbal cues (both physical gesture and vocal inflection)

C. Provides opportunity for immediate feedback

D. Allows speaker to express the emotion behind a message

E. Parties can resolve misunderstandings and negotiate meaning quickly

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  1. 9 June, 00:32
    Option A


    Oral communication or in-person communication involves the interaction between two or more people over a subject, it has a lot of advantage because there are some words that can't be put together in words to explain a meaning but it is quite better to express in oral communication. But the disadvantage in it is the person can lose communication of the message, he or she can find it difficult at the end to pass the message across, that is if he is not good in communicating orally that is the only disadvantage, option A best explains it.
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