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Which two achievements suggests progress in agriculture?

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  1. 7 March, 14:41
    Answer: The invention of the agricultural machine such as thresher, the green revolution.


    The invention of the agricultural machinery of the peasants contributed to the development of farming activity. Scottish inventor Andrew Meikle designed the rig. This machine has made it easier to operate and increase productivity. The jigsaws, which separated the grain from the straw, became more efficient after 1850 when farmworkers hooked up the steam engines that propelled them. In 1960, a green revolution occurred. Many high-yielding species have been invented to increase wheat and rice production, especially in densely populated countries such as India and China. Critics have argued that such a process is destroying the environment due to the excessive use of fertilizers and concentrating on only a few species. More recently, farmers have been rediscovering traditional farming methods and the use of organic fertilizers and pesticides.
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