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23 December, 19:33

How did the diffusion of Phoenician culture through trade affect the Mediterranean region? A. It gave the region a common religious faith. B. It gave the region a common spoken language. C. It gave the region a common form of government. D. It gave the region a common written alphabet.

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  1. 23 December, 21:08
    The diffusion gave the region a commonly spoken language.


    The Phoenician culture has great mariners who are believed to be the initial people to step in the Mediterranean lifestyle and get to Britain. The essential contribution, therefore, was the civilization of their writing through the system that had Semitic alphabets.

    The Phoenician colonization reached its peak through the collapse of Bronze that occurred through mysterious sea creatures. During this time, Levine took control and led to the falling of the principal civilizations that were dominant and influential.
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