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2 April, 08:01

Ayyash is originally from Malaysia. He is usually a quiet and reclusive person. He mostly keeps to himself and does not interact much with his peers. However, on some days, he shouts and hits people who ask him for something as simple as a pen. According to Malaysian culture, Ayyash is exhibiting a behavior called

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  1. 2 April, 08:39
    Ayyash is exhibiting a behavior called amok.


    Amok is psychiatric syndrome occurred with the people working in modern industrialized society. Amok personality has mood disorders, personality disorders. Going through Amok is rare but the prevails among Malasian at large. In this condition, people become erratic and irrational.

    Amok is the pure result of geographical isolation and spiritual actions performed by the Malasian. It result into violent behavior by which the sufferer is not aware off. Culture at office and home highly impact the mind of the person.
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