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Vicky contracts with Cyrus to have him remodel her kitchen. Vicky, however, changes her mind and breaches the contract before Cyrus can begin work. As a remedy for the breach, Cyrus can seek:

a. the contract price plus interest.

b. nothing, because the breach occurred before he began performance.

c. expected profits from the contract.

d. the entire contract price.

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  1. 8 June, 17:31
    Letter C is the correct answer.

    When we talk about remedies for the breach, we mean money damage. There are many different types of monetary remedies for breaching a contract, such as: compensatory damages, restitution, nominal damages, liquidate damages, cancellation, and specific performance. So, when Vicky signed a contract but didn't keep what had been negotiated, Cyrus can expect profits from the contract.
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