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25 December, 01:38

What are the main theories about the origins of humankind

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  1. 25 December, 02:09
    Biblical Theory - This theory states that God introduced Adam and Eve into the Garden of Eden, and that we are all descended from those original beginnings. And the Darwin's Theory of Evolution - Proposed in 1859, this theory suggests that mankind has evolved through time to our present form. This theory seems to suggest that life began on a vary basic molecular, biological base and then advanced through thousands of years to where we are today. This theory has endured well for over 135 years.

    Most western people have adopted either of these two major, accepted theories. Those who are generally more scientifically oriented tend to like the more exacting theory of Evolution, and those who have adopted a more religious view of life have stayed with the Biblical theory.
  2. 25 December, 03:17
    That humankind arose through random chance over a long time,

    That they were created by a Creator,

    That they were created by aliens
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