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Read the sentence from the speech. The political prisoner in his cell, the hungry children, the homeless refugees - - not to respond to their plight, not to relieve their solitude by offering them a spark of hope is to exile them from human memory. What is the meaning of "exile" as used in the sentence above

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  1. 13 June, 06:45
    The meaning of "exile" here is "forget," which means "to forget the hungry children and the homeless refugees in the world by not doing any action to alleviate their sufferings.


    The sentence has been taken from Elie Wiesel's speech on "The Perils of Indifference." It talks about human's worth or value by showing empathy and engaging with people. This speech was made in relation to his captivity and what he felt by being held in prison.

    For Wiesel, humans are forgotten when no one responds to their sufferings. This then creates a feeling of indifference towards them, which for him is an end to humanity and not a beginning. When people stops responding to the sufferings of others, they lose their humanistic capability of "keeping in touch."

    Thus, this explains the answer.
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