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According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs: each need functions independently of all others. reinforcement is more important than avoiding punishment during early childhood, while avoiding punishment is more important during middle childhood. maintaining a positive self-concept is the most basic need. safety needs must be satisfied before a person can seek to satisfy higher needs.

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  1. 21 July, 20:53
    Answer: The answer is physiological need must be satisfied before individuals can satisfy other needs in the hierarchy of needs


    Abraham Maslow, propounded the theory that people are motivated by five basic needs which he called hierarchy of needs which are

    Physiological needs: The physiological need are those need needed for the continue existence of humans being. These include the necessity to satisfy hunger, the need for clothing, and the need for shelter. According to Maslow, untill these needs are satisfied to an acceptable level, it is then that a person can aspire to the next step in the hierarchy of need.

    Safety need : These are the need connected with protection, This is the state of having an assurance of adequate sustenance of shelter after which an individual will then look for a measure of security, and also look for the protection against the fall in the standard of living. An individual will seek for security in their place of work, in other words, An individual will seek for job security. When such threat to individual safety had been removed then the individual will feel safe, and will move to the next in the hierarchy of need.

    Social need: These are those need which motivate a person to participate actively in the social environment both at work and in the larger society. For example an individual involvement in the family circle, and social group such as the club, the church and so on. The average individual is known to have the need to belong to social group and to be accepted by his or her peers. when social need have been met individual can then move to the next in the hierarchy of need

    Esteem need: These are the need which arises from achievement and the respect of others. It is otherwise known as ego need. It involves self respect, self discpline, and a feeling of confidence. Almost everyone seek the respect of others, individual are easily motivated by their status in the society. It is when this need had been met that individuals can then move to the next need in the hierarchy of need

    Self actualization : This is the need that drives a person to exercise ultimate powers. It is a need which motivates a person to seek and find activity which satisfied their deep and urge for power and status in the society. For instance, people like artists, actors, writers, chief executives of business organizations, and politicians are said to be attempting to satisfy this need for self actualization or self fulfilment.
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