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17 April, 23:34

A research study that asks people to predict the degree to which earning an A, B, or C in a class would affect their happiness in the next month is MOST likely examining the concept of: anchoring heuristic. durability bias. availability heuristic. framing.

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  1. 18 April, 01:05
    Durability bias


    Durability bias is to predict how long current event will affect a person in the future.

    Durability bias enable someone to use current event to predict what will eventually happen in the future or to over estimate how long the intensity of future emotion of a person will be using the current event.

    Example an individual may decide to buy something that is very important to him/her thereby using it to predict whether it will affect him / her happiness in the future or not.
  2. 18 April, 01:32
    durability bias.


    Durability bias is a term that describes the tendency at which one predicts or over estimates the extent and degree of emotional situation in the future.

    Some of the causes of durability bias includes:

    1. Inaccurate theories: where our culture has placed correlation between Grades and Happiness

    2. Misconstrual of future events: predicting how the events that has yet to occur will affect us.

    3. Motivated distortion: overestimating the effect a negative situation will have on us.

    4. Focalism: basing the future prediction solely on the actual events, thus neglecting other factors that may upturn how we react to such event in the future.

    Hence, the research is examining Durability bias among the people or subjects of the research.
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