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What issue did Eugene Talmadge make central

to his successful 1946 campaign for governor of


A.) desegregating public schools

B.) eliminating business regulations

C.) ending the military draft

D.) reinstating the white primary

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  1. 21 July, 18:12
    The correct response is Option D: reinstating the white primary.


    Eugene Talmadge served two terms as the Governor of Georgia and he is known for his racist ideas. He was in full support of segregation between white and black populations and in 1946 he ran again for governor and sought to restore the white primary if elected, even though the Supreme Court had said that such primaries are unconstitutional in its Smith v. Allwright decision. He is famous also for willfully preventing the University of Georgia from becoming desegregated. The university lost its accreditation because of the involvement of the Governor.
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