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16 April, 23:39

Quinn, who is in pre-school, was the only child to see the teacher take crackers out of the cracker box and fill the box with potato chips instead. When asked what the other children will expect to find in the cracker box, Quinn says "potato chips." This response is evidence that Quinn lacks A. conservation.

B. egocentrism.

C. object permanence.

D. theory of mind.

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  1. 17 April, 00:07
    Theory of mind


    Theory of mind is the core concept of the belief, mind, and thought. This theory is about to know how people behave in a certain way. It is the theory about how to predict the actions of people. So that this theory is about to know a person's mind, belief and thought. This theory is used to measure the false belief of a person. The task belief is that to hold someone's act.

    Thus here in the above statement Quinn who is a preschool child to watch the teacher take cracker out of cracker box and fill the box with other things such as tomato, chips, etc. So when it is asked from children what is their inbox Quinn says potato chips. It is the result of the theory of mind. His belief thought and emotion connected with that event and analyze that there are potato chips rather than crackers in the box.
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