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17 July, 17:27

You use a wool oven mitt to protect your hands when you pull hot pans out of the oven. They work just fine and keep your hands from being burned. One day you spill some water on your oven mitts but decide they should still be suitable for use even though they are wet. To your surprise, the wet oven mitts do not protect your hands and you end up being burned. What conclusion can you draw from this event?

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  1. 17 July, 18:14
    the changes in the use conditions of a product reduces its effectiveness


    Each product contains clear use specifications that in normal conditions are designed to work as well as possible, but if people modify or change the integrity of the product, the performance could be higher or lower, in any case, the quality of the results may cause instability, making the behavior of the product unpredictable, and by consequence dangerous for human being.
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