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17 December, 01:51

Wyatt is a preschooler who has been diagnosed with emotional and behavior disorders. His family would like some assistance in eliminating some destructive behaviors that occur during mealtime each day within their home. The consultant has suggested that they collaboratively analyze Wyatt's behavior during mealtimes to try to identify the purpose of the destructive behavior and a way to address it. The consultant is suggesting that they conduct a/an:

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  1. 17 December, 03:47
    Answer: Functional behaviour assessment


    What is a Functional behaviour Assessment?

    A functional behaviour assessment is a technique which can be used to find out why a child may be acting in a particular way that may be strange to a normal behaviour or usual behaviour.

    Various ways are used to discover the causes of that abnormal or inaccurate behaviour.

    Things that can be observed to figure this out could be things not associated with school which may be changing or affecting the child's attitude leading to that behaviour.

    When the parents have discovered what causes that undesirable behaviour they can then figure out ways to assist the child to go back to their normal behaviour.

    There is always a reason a child may act out. It could be that they are frustrated by a particular subject which they may not be good at and as a result they will use acting out as a strategy to copy with that even though they may not be aware of the reason they act out.

    So if parents find out the reason behind acting out they will be able to assist the child with the actual core issue.

    The crucial aspect of a functional behaviour assessment is to discover the actual thing that activate a certain behaviour in your child at home or when they are at school.
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