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19 April, 21:07

Who were the individuals involved in the 3 Governors Controversy and what was their claim to the Governor's office? Who do you believe should have gotten the office?

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  1. 19 April, 22:11
    Three individuals involve are:

    Ellis Arnal (outgoing governor)

    Melvin. E. Thompson (the lieutenant governor elect)

    Herman Talbadge (son of the late governor)


    Ellis Arnal was laying claim to the seat because he believes that he should remain till a proper elected governor is sworn-in in his replacement.

    Melvin E. Thompson believes that he should be sworn-in as the new governor based on the fact that he is the lieutenant governor elect to be sworn-in.

    Herman Talbadge claim was based on the votes that his father's supporters wrongfully wrote for him to become the second runner up in the election that his father won which will make him to become the new governor.

    However, i believe Melvin E. Thompson should occupy the office until another election is held to elect a new governor based on the fact that he is to be sworn-in as the lieutenant governor elect.

    It must be noted that the 3 governors controversy was a political turmoil in the state of Georgia in the U. S in 1946-47. The death of the elected governor Eugene Talmadge brought about a vacuum in who should be sworn-in as new governor as it was not stipulated in the constitution on how this should be done.
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