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6 February, 06:58

Which of the following kindergarteners will be most likely to learn to read more easily? a. Justin, who cannot identify the first, middle, or last sounds found in short words. b. Siu-lan, who does not know most of the letters of the alphabet. c. Erik, who cannot identify words that rhyme and words that don't rhyme. d. Sholanda, whose parents read rhymes to her.

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  1. 6 February, 07:58
    The correct answer is D. Sholanda, whose parents read rhymes to her.


    Learning to read is a process that involves multiple stages as children firs need to recognize sounds and their representations (letters) to be able to understand and read complete words as well as writing them. Due to this, one of the stages before learning to read is to be aware of sounds including the words that rhyme; one way of doing this is to read to children rhymes or any other text as through this they can develop awareness about similar or different sound and the general structure of language. According to this, it is Sholanda the one that is most likely to read more easily because if her parents read rhymes to her all the time she can later identify sounds faster than the other children.
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