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16 October, 05:10

Eric is a student with a conduct disorder. He bullies, threatens, and intimidates students whom he perceives as antagonistic towards him. Recently, he threw a chair at a student who would not share a pencil. Eric was suspended from school for his action. What is the name of the process the IEP team must now undertake to review the behaviors displayed by Eric during the incident that led to his suspension?

A. A transition assessment

B. A manifest determination

C. An adaptive behavior assessment

D. A behavior intervention plan

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  1. 16 October, 06:11
    B. A manifest determination


    The IEP must carry out a manifest determination, A Manifestation etermination is a process, required by the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004), which is conducted when considering the exclusion of a student with a

    disability that constitutes a change of placement, Manifest determination hearings follow disciplinary actions by the school that result in expulsion or a changing in placement of a student with disability.
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