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14 October, 12:07

Why do studies conducted in theory-testing mode de-emphasize ecological validity?

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  1. 14 October, 12:19
    Because " Internal validity is the highest priority for theory-testing".

    Ecological validity alludes to the degree to which the discoveries of an examination can be summed up to genuine real life settings. While internal validity is a logical idea that tends to the connection between two factors. It alludes to the degree that an investigation can rule out or make improbable exchange clarifications of the outcomes.
  2. 14 October, 14:00
    I believe the answer is: internal validity is the highest priority for theory testing

    In experiments, internal validity refers to how well the experiment is being done. This could be measured using various factors such as the amount of confounding data, the relevancy of the research, the accuracy of the research conclusion, etc.
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