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When Maria married John, she moved to John's house which was adjacent to his parent's house. Her mother-in-law was always over giving Maria advice on everything from decorating to icing cakes. Maria lives in a

Matridistant residence

Patridistant residence

Matrilocal residence

Patrilocal residence

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  1. 1 April, 18:26
    Answer:Patrilocal residence


    What is a Patrilocal residence?

    Based on Anthropology this is a social system in which the son in a family remains in his parents' house or home even when he is old enough to leave.

    When he gets married the wife also comes and live with his parents.

    However his sisters (daughters of the family) leave the family home (where they were born) and move to their in-law families after they get married.

    At first the son brings his wife whiles the daughter get married and leave the parents' house to also live with her husband this is stage one of Patrilocal residence.

    Stage two

    The family member keep increasing as other sons also get married and bring their wives and they all live in their parents' house, wives from different families are added to the family with their different lineage background. The household is now extended.

    Stage three occurs when the wives of the sons start to give birth to children. Another new generation is also added extending the family even further.

    Usually all the family function occur in joint ownership, there is always a head of the family who controls and direct most of the functions and guides all the family members. This is usually a man most likely it will be the grandfather or the older son.
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