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23 January, 15:57

Shortly after receiving a traffic ticket for speeding, Fred made numerous comments about the road signs being inadequate and is GPS telling him a different speed limit. This would be an example of:

a. free association.

b. internal locus of control.

c. repression.

d. external locus of control.

e. emotional stability.

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  1. 23 January, 16:41
    Free association Free association
  2. 23 January, 17:57
    The correct answer is D.

    When a person exercises external locus of control it means that he attributes his sucesses or failures to external factors rather than to his own merits or mistakes. In this case, Fred, instead of assuming his fault and admitting that he was driving too fast, he blames other factors which are external to his behaviour: signs, GPS, etc.
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