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11 December, 01:17

Armand's parents won't let him go to a friend's party. Armand decides to sneak out of the house to attend the party. After climbing out of his bedroom window, he feels extremely guilty and returns to his room. According to Freud, the feelings of guilt come from his:

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  1. 11 December, 01:47


    According to Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory of personality, the superego is the component of personality composed of the internalized ideals that we have acquired from our parents and society.

    Armand has acquired some ideals such as obedience, honesty and integrity through the discipline of his parents. This has formed his superego, which govern his belief system and actions. This serves as his conscience that makes him fell guilty when he began climbing out of his bedroom window to go for the party.
  2. 11 December, 03:02
    According to Freud, the feelings of guilt come from his: Superego.


    According to Freud, the superego is the sum of that information that the person has been internalizing which influences in our self-observation, this allows to differentiate what it's correct or incorrect and also, those prohibited acts according to family values that produce a direct influence on the person's moral throughout his/her life. Freud said that feelings of guilt emerge from the distance between the superego and the drives. In simple terms, between what we want and what the social norm that we have internalized during the acculturation process forbids us.
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