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25 December, 19:35

1. What if Taco Bell had rejected the terms proposed by Wrench and had never used the Chihuahua as a Taco Bell icon? In this case, the court likely find that an implied contract existed.

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  1. 25 December, 21:07
    In this case, the court likely "would not" find that an implied contract existed


    Chihuahuas are small dogs with wide eyes and big spirit. The chihuahua is a very well-known and well-loved breed, a favorite among fans of toy dogs which can be driven around and teased. They are believed to be hailing from an old dog named techichi.

    The Taco Bell who rejected to accept these chihuahuas as the icon cannot be predicted in court case because it is involved in freedom of choice, thus free to take decisions regarding icon or logo selection.
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