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13 June, 06:35

What do we know about the sensorimotor period of reasoning that demonstrates cognitive advancement?

a. Cognition develops in a qualitative manner with shifts occurring in a gradual, cumulative manner.

b. Infants are on a predetermined cognitive growth cycle that is independent upon experiences and related to their age.

c. Cognition develops from reflexes to intentional action to symbolic representation.

d. Infants are capable of mental representation at the time of birth, and skills advance in the sensorimotor period.

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  1. 13 June, 06:46


    Infants from 0 - 2 years old pass through 6 sub-stages of the sensorimotor stage of cognitive development: reflex acts, primary circular reactions (intentional actions), secundary circular reactions, co-ordinating secondary schemes (using their abilities to reach a goal), tertiary circular reactions and symbolic thought (understanding object permanence, for example.)
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