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15 December, 21:31

A conversion disorder is most likely to be characterized by

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  1. 15 December, 23:10
    It has no physiological or medical basis that is so obvious.


    There are some cases in health or Medicine line of profession in which certain diseases or sickness are not going be explainable. This sickness or disorder includes paralysis, seizures, having difficulty when swallowing, blindness and many more.

    The conversion disorder occurs in response to some changed in your body being and it is mainly because of stress or even when someone is depressed.

    So, the main characteristics of conversion disorder is that It has no medical basis that is obvious.
  2. 15 December, 23:24
    very specific physical symptoms that have no apparent physiological basis.


    A conversion disorder can be described as a mental condition which cannot be explained by medical evaluation. This usually includes blindness, paralysis and nervous system symptoms.

    It has been discovered that, a conversion disorder can be treated based on the coexisting physiological or psychiatric diseases.

    Some of the symptoms of a conversion disorder include

    * weakness.,

    * paralysis of the arms or legs.,

    * loss of balance.,

    * seizures, sometimes with limited consciousness,

    * difficulty swallowing, among others.
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