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13 December, 16:56

From a sociological perspective, which factor does not greatly influence a person's socialization?



Blood type


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  1. 13 December, 18:47
    C, blood type


    Socialization means the activity of mixing socially with others or the process of learning how to behave and interact with others.

    Most of socialization skills are learned at home, later at school, then through friends, exposure to culture and media and also through travelling.

    Blood type does not influence a person's socialization because it has absolutely nothing to do with it, blood is a liquid in the body needed to survive and everybody has it. Gender, class and race all contribute to a person's socialization because these factors determine a person's way of thinking and their way of behavior towards others. There are some specific way of conduct restricted to gender and race which influence a person's level of socialization, being of a particular social class is a factor as well.
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