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22 December, 12:34

1) How was education similar in a 3 colonial regions (southern, northern, and middle colonies)

2) How was education different in all 3 colonial regions (southern, northern, and middle colonies)

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  1. 22 December, 13:57
    Answer No 1)

    In the three colonial regions, education was similar in the respect that all the 3 colonial regions knew the worth of education. All the 3 colonial regions made it compulsory to acquire education. All the three colonial regions made sure that boys went to acquire knowledge and girls remained at home and taught basic knowledge in their homes.

    Answer No 2)

    New England Colonies: The New England colonies was build on the percepts of Bible. They thought education was necessary so that people could read the Scriptures. Basic education was given to children at homes and then the boys went to Latin Grammar School while the girls remained at home.

    Middle Colonies: Education in Middle colonies was based on practical matters. These people knew the worth of education but left it on the family of the child to decide whether education be given or not. All boys earned a skill or trade.

    Southern Colonies: In these colones, education was considered a must for the upper class. The children of upper class were taught at any cost. Slaves were not taken interest in for teaching.
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