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23 August, 14:55

In his interview with Dalton Conley, Mario Luis Small notes that the entire "culture of poverty" argument has been rejected both empirically and theoretically due to the problems with the work. Small then goes on to suggest that sociologists cannot ignore what as an explanatory tool in research about poverty?

a. culture

b. frames

c. urban poverty

d. economics

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  1. 23 August, 16:05
    A. Culture.


    The culture of poverty in a sequel like this argues about the poor in the United states precisely fending for themselves by finding or engaging in different forms of jobs to aid their well being and survival in the society which is way or far much different from those found in the higher or the elite class of the society.

    A lot of activities which includes illegal work, multi generational living arrangements, multi family households, serial relationships in place of marriage, and swapping all reflect specifically on ideas about the culture of poverty.
  2. 23 August, 16:14


    Sociologists cannot ignore what is an explanatory tool in research about poverty because culture is the way of life of a people, their mindsets, traits, belief systems, how they interact, why they do the things they do, so if there is a prevalent poverty in the area or society it will only be logical to find out what way of life suggest this way of living. Culture is very important.
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