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23 December, 13:51

Why have gifted and talented programs met with resistance from many Americans? Group of answer choices A) The programs have not had any discernible effect on the students. B) Too many children have been identified as "gifted" or "talented," so the phrase has lost its currency. C) Having a gifted and talented program, to some, implies a superiority or elitism disliked by many Americans. D) Because of their structure, gifted and talented programs disrupt the running of the school.

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    Hizzoner, known for his rhetoric to end inequality, believes that this gifted and talented programs serves to segregate by race, income and language and to "perpetuate stereotypes about student potential and achievement". He recommended a new way of criteria to enter these programs: instead of valuating grades and scores, valuatingshcool enrichment programs, to include a much more diverse number of students.
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