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4 March, 04:51

At a meeting of the American Association of Knitting Enthusiasts, five people are elected to a committee to create a mission statement.

Devin spends the entire committee meeting looking at her cell phone and texting and contributes nothing to the work.

She is sure the other four will get the work done fine without her.

Devin's behavior is most likely the result of:

a. social facilitation.

b. social loafing.

c. in-group bias.

d. deindividuation.

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  1. 4 March, 05:07
    b. social loafing.


    Social loafing: The term social loafing is defined as the process of human tendency to complete a task less effortlessly if are around several people, i. e, in a group rather when they are alone. While working in a group improves the tendency of individuals to pool their skills and talent to improve the accomplishment of a given task.

    Social loafing is promoted by the group size because if an individual is placed in a small group then he or she might take the responsibility to work in a better way rather than working in a big group.

    In the question above, Devin's behavior is most likely the result of social loafing.
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