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Write one full paragraph in answer to each question to demonstrate your understanding of the story. 2. Achilles is the greatest warrior in the Iliad: He has matchless strength and skill in battle, noble birth, and the gods' favor, so he should have great pride. But Achilles has too much pride. What has Achilles been willing to sacrifice for the sake of his pride

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  1. 22 July, 11:42
    Achilles was willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of his pride because he did not listen to the advice of others and protect his achilles heel, the only place where someone could kill him. Achilles couldn't be killed except if you were to shoot an arrow into his heel, so by not protecting his heel, Achilles pride got in the way which lead to his death. He ended up getting shot by a poisoned arrow in his heel and died. Achilles was willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of pride. He sacrificed something huge for something so small.
  2. 22 July, 11:52
    Throughout his many battles, Achilles was always known for his pride and he has always been known to willingly sacrifice the lives of his comrades in replacement for his goal in a achieving a social status in history. Achilles' pride led him to many victorious battles, making him known in history as one of the greatest fighters in war.
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