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24 August, 01:52

Mr. L. presents to the clinic with severe groin pain and a history of kidney stones. Mr. L.'s son tells you that, for religious reasons, his father wishes to keep any stone that is passed into the urine filter that he has been using. What is your most appropriate response?

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  1. 24 August, 02:30
    we will examine the stone and request that it be returned to him, with your father permission,


    Groin pain is related to the stain in muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the specific groin area of the body. This pain mostly occurs with sports persons and specifically with athletes. If you are the player of hockey, rugby, and football then you definitely will suffer from this pain later. An inguinal hernia is another cause of groin pain. It occurs when the internal tissue of the abdomen pushed. It creates pain in the groin area. Kidney stones are also responsible for groin pain.

    Common cause:

    Intestinal inflammatory action occurs in the body Testicular inflammatory occurs in testicles.
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