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What was the relationship between the Mischlinge rules and the German people?

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    Answer: mixed marriage between jew and german was illegal. Jews were hated tremendously, considered the scourge of the world, and were being sent off the camps. when the time came for the government to do there search a lot of german jews had already converted to Christianity so people stated finding out there were Jewish. a michlinge was still considered a non-aryan and that obviously was looked down upon people hired investigators to check and make sure no Jewish lineage would surprise them verifying birth and baptist papers. if they were found out michlinge tried to hid it and bribed the government to change or keep their statues Ariyan. certain mischlinges were concidered jews and were killed.


    during the time of Nazi Germany, Jews were killed and persecuted. mischlings were like half jews regardless of religious affiliation or self-identification. This racial definition meant that Jews were persecuted not for their religious beliefs and practices but for a so-called racial identity transmitted irrevocably through the blood of their ancestors. These laws resolved the question of definition and set a legal precedent. The Nazis later imposed the Nürnberg Laws on territories they occupied. Two basic Jewish categories were established. A full Jew was anyone with three Jewish grandparents. That definition was fairly simple. Defining part-Jews-Mischlinge ("mongrels") - was more difficult, but they were eventually divided into two classes. First-degree Mischlinge were people who had two Jewish grandparents but did not practice Judaism and did not have a Jewish spouse. Second-degree Mischlinge were those who had only one Jewish grandparent. mischlinge got restrictions on jobs, marriages and such later second-degree mischlinge restriction on marriages and the like was rescinded.
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