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using examples from any two of the myths in this module, write four paragraph essay that describes what the greeks thought a true love should be. use evidence from the myths to support your statement.

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  1. 16 April, 01:27
    The Greek stories show that love was mostly around passion and not of the caring love. Zeus, for example, the king of the gods, made stupid things to sleep with girls; once he turned into a white bull just to carry away a woman. He even turned into rain just to enter a woman's room.

    In Perseus story, that happens when the king of the island Perseus and his mother, Danae, lives wants to marry her. However, he is a cruel man and Danae refuses to marry him. The king, then, sends Perseus away from his home to face the Medusa.

    In Perseus story and in Zeus example, it is clear how Greeks tend to see love: only beauty matters, and the lover can try everything to reach the loved one, like turning into a bull. Even so, the Greeks show how tragic can be a blind passion, the lover who doesn't truly care about the loved one tend to perish. In Perseus story, the hero brings back the Medusa head and saves his mother from the king, who was mad and tried to kill Danae when Perseus came back from his adventure. Of course, the passions Zeus persecuted just ended badly for the women, since he was the king of the gods and could do things humans could not.

    There are other examples of caring love, personified in Homero Odyssey, for example. Odisseu took 20 years to come back home, and his wife, Penelope, waited all those years for him.
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