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10 June, 05:38

Write a one-paragraph argument defending the statement below.

Water scarcity is the most immediate and important issue facing the world today.

Answers (2)
  1. 10 June, 05:52
    That is wrong, poverty is the most immediate and important issue facing the word today. The reason is because poverty is one of the deadliest and dangerous issues. It is mostly a problem in Africa.
  2. 10 June, 07:34
    Water scarcity is the number one issue facing the world today because it is the source of many other global issues, including poverty, malnutrition, unsanitary conditions, and rampant disease. In places where water is scarce-either because of physical proximity to water or the economic inability to provide it-the latter issues tend to follow. If water can be provided to these areas, people will have clean water to drink, water for proper sanitation, and water to lend to agricultural needs (preventing malnutrition and hunger). A less tangible effect will be a decrease in desperation, which is often the result of and a compounding factor to existing poverty.
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