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A variety of interpretations can be made of a scene at a restaurant where two men are having lunch together, laughing, and being playful with each other. Who among the following would most likely interpret their behavior by watching for subtle signs of affection and eye contact?

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  1. 12 June, 21:49
    Symbolic Interactionist


    Symbolic interactionist is also called symbolic interaction. It is a major framework of social psychology. The perspective work on the symbolic meaning that people develop and build upon social psychology. The meaning of symbol perspective that to give subjective meaning people address to the objects, meaning, behavior and events. So that society is to be constructed by the people's interpretation of the world. Even people interpret others' behavior and those behavior develop a bond in society. this interpretation called the definition of the situation.

    For example, why do people smoke even they know it is dangerous for health. The answer is that people create the situation. People often teach the children about smoking but they think that it is cool and swag and they are safe from harm and even the impact on their younger siblings a positive effect regarding smoking.
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