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9 November, 07:17

An experimenter plans to condition a dog to salivate to a light by pairing the light with food. The dog will learn to salivate to the light most quickly if the experimenter presents the light?

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  1. 9 November, 08:10
    A half second before the food


    According to the Pavlov's dog study, a conditioned reflex can be taught to a subject through presenting it in an appropriate manner. This process of presenting the stimulus at certain conditions or scenarios is known as conditioning. Here, the process of conditioning can be achieved if the dog is presented with light immediately before the food is presented. This way the dog will salivate to the light thinking it is a signal of getting food. Hence, the correct answer is that the light should be presented immediately before or a half second before the food so that the dog is conditioned to salivate to a light.
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