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Coin and Turntable A coin of mass M lies on the horizontal turntable of a record player that spins at 45 RPM. It is observed that if the coin is near the center of the turntable it rotates with the turntable while if the coin is closer to the edge of the record, it slides out. Explain Why?

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  1. 8 June, 09:24
    The answer is Linear Speed and centrifugal force.


    The reason the coin in the center stays still compared to if it was on the edge is the diference in linear speed that depends on the rotational center distance.

    In other words, the coin closer to the center is submitted to a low centrifugal force because it's spinning slower than the edge, and the coin closer to the edge is submitted to a higher centrifugal force because its spinning faster than the center.
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