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1 April, 15:32

Suppose you hear that conscientious people are more likely to get regular health checkups. Which of the following correlations between conscientiousness and getting checkups would probably support this claim?

A. R =.03

B. R =.45

C. R = -.35

D. R = - 1.0

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  1. 1 April, 15:48
    Answer: B. R = 0.45

    Explanation: 'r' usually referred to as the correlation coefficient used to measure the strength and direction of the statistical relationship or correlation between two linear variables. It ranges between - 1 to 1

    The strength of a relationship is measured by its closeness to 1 or - 1, while 0 indicates no correlation.

    A positive r value shows a positive relationship that is increase on one variable leads to increase in the other while a negative r value shows a negative correlation, that is increase in one variable leads to decrease in the other and vice versa.

    r value close to - 1 indicates the strength of a negative correlation while r value close to 1 indicates the strength of a positive correlation.

    In the scenario above, the most probable r value to indicate positive relationship between consentiousness and regular checkup is 0.45.
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