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When you contact a retired neighbor to ask if she is interested in participating in a charity fundraiser, she tells you that she is no longer interested in activities such as this, and she is content to do as little as possible since she retired. Your neighbor's perspective is most consistent with which of the following views on aging?

a. Adaptation

b. Discontinuity theory

c. Disengagement

d. Social reticence

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  1. 19 July, 23:40
    c. Disengagement


    In psychology, there are many theories on aging by which the activities of the people and the processes they go through are explained.

    One of these theories is the disengagement theory of aging which states that when the individual ages, there is a decreased interaction between him/her and the other people from the society he/she belongs to. In other words, as aging takes place, older adults withdraw from society and its activities.

    In this example, when you contact your older neighbor to participate in a charity fundraiser she tells you that she is content to do as little as possible since she retired. We can see that she is withdrawing herself from the neighborhood activities, therefore, the perspective that is most consistent with her behavior is the disengagement theory.
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